Getting the basics right is getting tougher

39% of customers stopped visiting or reduced their spending when basic needs aren’t delivered

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Data is getting bigger and bigger and more data is being collected than ever before but is not being analysed nor actioned.

Up from less than
10 zettabytes in 2015

180 zettabytes
of data in 2025

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The world will create more and more data. However, we’re finding that customers’ basics needs are being lost in the sheer volume of information.


We know that many companies rely on a single customer score, e.g. NPS and CSat. But do they really know what’s going on behind the result?


There are lots of customer enterprise solutions out in the market. But they just add complexity.

The solution

At iCustomer, our simple approach cuts through all of this noise

Our AI solution makes sense of all the data

We know that the best and proven way to outperform competition, and take the lead, in any marketplace is to consistently meet customers’ basic needs. That’s what long term successful companies do. And we can help you do the same too. We’ve fused decades of deep customer expertise with the latest Artificial Intelligence to create a unique SaaS approach. Our fusion of customer expertise and AI software identifies how well (or not) you are meeting, and continue to meet, your customers’ basic needs.

We look behind the headline metrics to digest the millions of words shared by your customers.

NPS is a good metric. Many companies focus a lot of energy and resource behind this single measure. NPS produces a single figure. However, as it’s optional to analyse the verbatim feedback, we’ve seen that this frequently leads to an over-reliance on the score alone. Leading to companies missing what their customers are actually saying.

We’ve also created a simple metric, Net Customer Needs Score (NetCNS)

Based entirely on what your customers actually say their needs are from you, NetCNS automatically gives you just one number that focuses on the day-to-day operations of the business. NetCNS score is simply the number of Customer Needs met, less the number of Customer Needs not met. Our approach, along with NetCNS, doesn’t replace NPS. In fact, it complements NPS.

How we do it

By aggregating and analysing public and private data, iCustomer empowers operators to identify customers daily needs and increase revenue by delivering them day in and day out

This means we can tell you the Top 3 Things to fix for maximum impact on your organisation.

The outcome

The best way to outperform your competition and take the lead in any marketplace is to meet your customers’ needs

Customer satisfaction drives stock price

  • Companies with high customer satisfaction

  • S&P Index

  • Companies with low customer satisfaction

Case study

Argos is a successful national retailer with over 800 branches, multiple branch formats, and in excess of 35k staff.

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In essence, what iCustomer has helped us do is to allow everyone at Argos to be brilliant with customers.

Steve Carson

Retail Director, Sainsbury Argos


The challenge

Our solution


What was the challenge?

A period of declining revenues and profits, alongside increasing competitive pressures, challenged the Argos leadership team to take a deeper dive into day-to-day operations and the customer experience delivery.

Argos had previously run a number of initiatives to address but none had been sustained, were overly complex and were not resonating with front-line staff.

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What did we do?

iCustomer helped Argos to identify, prioritise and action, the most important customer basic needs that their teams were not delivering day in day. By addressing these priority areas, we created a sustainable and impactful plan of action.

Alongside the adoption of simpler customer language within the business, a front-line colleague training programme was also developed. “The Difference Is You” is now in its 3rd year of deployment.

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How did Argos benefit?

An average 5 additional transactions per day per branch, leading to a significant increase in revenue for the business as well as overall customer satisfaction.

More generally, since we began our involvement, Argos has seen a sustained reversal of their revenue decline and has been acquired by Sainsbury.

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