Are you delivering your customers' basic needs?

We help you to grow by ensuring that you're always meeting your customers' needs

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Consistently great customer experience will increase revenue by 2.4x

What we do

We combine decades of CX experience and smart AI technology, working with our technology partner, MetricsLS, to create a powerful and unique fusion. Using a simple 3 step process, we enable you to hear what your customers are really saying and what's important to them.

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Intro to iCustomer Are you overly reliant on NPS?


The foundational basic needs that customers expect day in day out


Whether or not your organisation is delivering those needs


On–going performance of your organisation against those needs

So you can make better decisions for your business, deploying your precious resources most impactfully and deliver:

in sales and profit


and happier customers


and motivated staff

Transforming businesses

We work closely with the leadership teams of some of the UK's top brands

Brands we've worked with


We look behind your headline CX metrics

To identify exactly what customers say they need from you and whether (or not) you're actually delivering

Supported by our technology partner, MetricsLS, we read and digest the millions of words shared by your customers. To turn this widely neglected and underused feedback source into a small number of actionable priorities to help you grow your business.

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